Sandstone shrouds in the pale sunlight of an English cemetery.

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On Minster Gates, home to one of York’s best second hand/antiquarian book dealers. York; July 2014

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Waiting bicycle; York 2014

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Memorial bench; #York 2014

With the announced coupe de disgrace of the superb Aperture and the waffle about a pig-in-a-poke that will replace it(thanks Apple…) I’m making the shift to Phase One Capture One Pro 7. I’ve got a steep learning curve, and a lot of recovery work porting my back catalogue. At least this way I won’t have another year’s photography to shift.

This is the first image to come out; so far, though there are usability losses over Aperture, especially with the browser and metadata, I’m impressed. The image editing features are really rather superb; there’s no going back.

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Playhouse; Hathersage playground, 2013

From a long term project focusing on playgrounds and childhood memory.

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“‘The truth is, almost everyone in the world is lovely, but the world is ruined for us by the sociopaths and those who aren’t lovely. They are the ones who make all the noise and make the news.’”

Richard Osman* in Radio Times

*the very tall one, Ben Miller fan, from Pointless - he does other stuff too

Found in a York garden; July 2014

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A clothing store, victim of the recession, with it’s closing down window display. 

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The parish church of St Helen with St Martin; Coney Street, York. Although I’m not a religious man the sight of a church with an empty service board leaves me somehow saddened.

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At the seaside, 1960s style. Bridlington, 1965

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