A battered mural to attract tourists to a kitsch Seahouses souvenir shop. It has all the major ingredients, Grace Darling’s lighthouse, a seal and a puffin. Somehow though, it feels like a relic of a fading age.

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The beach by Bamburgh Castle. One of the reasons a city dweller like me heads to Northumberland. It’s one of those places which feels to carry you with it, reaching on forever under a sheltering sky. #Northumberland #seaside #landscape #bamburghcastle (at Bamburgh Castle)

That >exdel< annoying frog, and some colourful desert boots in a fashion store window. Unfortunately, there are no underpants. Sheffield 2014

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Summer’s over, until next year. Now it’s autumn and time to enjoy the memories it helped make.

An image from a long term project reflecting on the British interaction with our coastline.

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Autumn creeps on, and the autumn evenings close in. As the evening rush hour starts to build on Sheffield station trains and people blur in and out of recognition. 

Sheffield 2013

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Outside Rotherham the train passes over what was a junction. The old line, a victim of Beeching, is now filled with trees and, for a moment, the reflection of a passenger.  November 2013

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A worrying sign for us atheists… #sheffield #streetphotography #atheism #whimsy (at West Street - Sheffield)

The best free art show in Sheffield. Fantastic book, music and art shop too - both Rare & Racy. #sheffield #art #ThisIsMyBookstore #streetphotography (at Rare And Racy)

Commuter’s feet; Monday morning on Sheffield station. Yes, the red suede DMs with yellow laces are mine. #sheffield #commuting #movement #impressionist #blur (at Sheffield station)

Customer service, Northern Rail style. Maybe it’s a side effect of them being part owned by Serco, it still makes commuting less pleasant though. #commuting #northernrail #trains #travelling #customerservice (at Swinton (South Yorkshire) railway station)