Beside Attercliffe Road, Sheffield.

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Bradford, West Yorkshire, 2013

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Parkland in West Yorkshire, trees beneath a building storm.

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Seen outside Northern Ballet, that glorious company based in Leeds.

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In a charity shop window.

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From the window of a commuter train. From the window of a commuter train brimming over with fellow human beings trapped within their own personal world eddies, fellow human beings with eyes downcast and ears swamped by headphones spilling their numbingly cacophonous susurrations loudly enough to be heard three seats away above the rattles and clatters of the train. From the window of a commuter train past which a tapestry of fields and sky and woods and rivers and lakes and towns and cities flowed before any eyes which choose to lift up and see.

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As Easter draws to a close, may I be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas?

I only ask as my local supermarket had Easter eggs on the shelves on 27/12/2013…

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Happy Easter, or however else you choose to celebrate a spring festival.

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More from the classic British seaside holiday. That fiendish device which is the deck chair; indiscriminate and voracious devourer of fingers, patience and grandfather’s flat cap.

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Weather permitting, this is going to be the first busy weekend of the year for our British seaside resorts. These beaches will be busy, a much needed tonic after the huge winter storms.

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